Brief history

Brief business history (Portfolio)

Founded in 2004 by tourism industry workers (guides), our company, based in Andalusia, was among the first to implement the radioguides service in the Spanish tourism sector.

Thanks to our own experience as guides, we recognized very quickly the enormous benefits of this technology, not only for professionals in the industry, but also for the users or visitors.

To sum these advantages up, the radioguides provided a simple solution to the task of guiding large groups in crowded environments, such as monuments, cathedrals or museums, without great physical effort for the guide while allowing visitors to take full advantage of the information.

Based on the positive results from our own professional experience, we started our journey as entrepreneurs by creating a rental service, initially in only two cities, one in Spain and one in another European city. However, the innovative device and the ostensible benefits of these audio systems has led us to a rapid expansion of our services.

We are currently present in 22 European cities. Our partners include national and international tour operators, as well as important cultural and public institutions.

Continuous investment in the development of the company during these 12 years, combined with constant stability and efficiency have given us sustained growth, capable of responding to increasing demands in the market, such as those coming from regulations regarding the mandatory use of these systems in important monuments such as the Cathedral of Seville or The Alhambra in Granada.

Furthermore, these factors have strengthened the place of radioguides in the tourist market, despite coexisting with other new systems and technological advances.

The key to our success is based on stability, respect and personalized assistance to our clients and partners, as well as flexible responses adapted to their needs.